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Friday, 3 June 2011


There would be no disagreement on the craze that Indian Cricket had generated over a period of ten odd years. This craze among mass, led to introduction of Franchisee cricket which became popular as IPL. None should dare forget ICL, wrongly propagated as rebel league and finally axed by ICC with the money power of BCCI. Let us not probe too much into the author of franchisee cricket but what good has it done to Indian Cricket and Indian sports at large?

It was just day two after the World Cup (WC) final and it started raining IPL. The fatigue of WC made me shun IPL in full. If this was the state of my mind who watched cricket – what would have been the real body/mind frame of those on the field???
Now the regular international schedule is on and top men in the bracket are either unavailable or not playing owing to injuries and the undenied reason for this is too much of cricket. What happens if we go down clean to Windies, English and Kangaroos in forth coming season? Media will get a good tonic to boost their Target Rating Point (TRP) and the one under scanner will only be lens and helicopter cameras and nothing else. Many players will be sacked – so what? Their overflowing bank account balance, flats in dubai deserts & Mumbai high seas and Chevrolets are ready to carry them through to the rest of their life. So, what will happen to National Cricket?

I am worried about the state of sports in India rather than anything else. Ask any small kid what is our national game? A substantial number would come out with answer as “Cricket”. What have we done to our traditional Hindustan? Just roll your eyes and think what have other countries done to their national game? To name a few: America - Base ball, New Zealand - Rugby, England – Football and Cricket. Their national games have got the required identity in their nation and they prove their capability in other sports too whether it be track and field or group sports. Where have we lost the plot in protecting our nation sports? What happen to Indian Premier Hockey League? Why was that not continued after the first two years? The reply is Indian Hockey is fighting its survival.

Now, it is true that we are colonized in full and the unsung truth is that we are yet to recover from the regime of East India Company. Do you want to argue otherwise? You are most welcome, but then arguments will drain out and unsung truth will prevail.

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