Thursday, 30 June 2011


Should an investor, trade in Stock Market?  Can one make a Million in Futures market? Answer is YES, NO, YES??!!!!!
Firstly, as quoted in my blog post on Stock market, always enter the stock market as an investor and book returns/profits without second thought seasonally. The instant worry one gets in booking out is what will I do if the stock moves further up? It may? Why it shouldn’t? Remember, all that is spread out in market is not yours and be contended in licking the cup of your tea and stay calm. Fixed Deposit offers p.a returns but what we seek from stock market is per day return. Can a big FAT HEN deliver? I don’t know.  In stock market what we always seek is growth, instant growth and nothing else. This is your attitude. I hear your strong “NO”. Keep denying, but shun it immediately because it will convert you into a gambler. You will no longer be an investor and where from the word ‘trader’ peeps.
There is nothing called a trading stock or an investment stock, if you primarily seek a difference, former is one which possess good liquidity. Do possess a watch model - portfolio of yours purely based on fundamentals. Time your entry and exit after monitoring the market matched with economy. Rely less on the fortune tellers who occupy business channels calling them chartists, analysis executives, technicians & experts. I curse the person who gave these folks the word ‘disclaimer’.  Make it a habit of diverting your profit/returns to Fixed Deposit or better spend them for your kids/family.  Traders are stingy to spend a single penny on a lollypop but then they are open to lose 1000s in a single trade/day. It is easier said than done. I am yet to implement, but then why not we pledge/try to implement. After all “everything needs a beginning”.
Brush up your mind and inject that the stocks are assets and just by getting it dematerialized it doesn’t sit in the other half of your balance sheet. Can you liquidate your land property without fetching an Encumbrance Certificate, Parent document and getting it rightly measured by the Village Officer? How much time does it take to clear the formalities and find an instant buyer?  When everything is made to look simple you make it look simpler and simplest.
If cash market scenario itself steals so much heat then how volcanic will the mammoth Futures Market look like? Why don’t you wait for a day to have a look at my post on it later? When Stock market itself is a SHEER TEST OF PATIENCE, Why not I taste a pie

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  1. good one da. See that you add words which a prob. trader googles for. that will increase your hits. Of course, that will benefit him too, no doubt.