Tuesday, 31 May 2011



Half a decade passed without even a faint clench;
Seat belts were fastened as it was time ripe to fly,
Terrain of the islands were unexplored,
Years passed by and the flights were almost lost in the Bermuda.

Dusk was very much visible, it was then we landed temporarily in the current winter,
The cold ice of the winter began to melt with the warmth surrounding.
But just before the melted ice drained, it was time to fly back.

As the flight landed in the respective lands something unusual happened?
Tooth began to flutter and arms chilled on the shiny day;
In total disarray, I knocked at a door
To my surprise it was a well-known paradise
I ran out of words and my eyes turned blue
Did I live long for this very moment?
I floundered; why was I kept away from this heaven on earth till now?
Rightly! As they were being answered, 
I could sense a firm clench, this time
I was almost squeezed!

Oh God! Did you let me live for this very moment?
By the time I blinked open my eyes, I realized being in a UTOPIAN land.
Now, my prayers are to hold the land, green, forever and ever.


  1. Hmmmm...Suresh..honestly i am a little slow in understanding poems like these. You imply something about Utopia that has to be green and a flight where you fly for half a decade...am li'l dumb, yaar;)

  2. Hi Nivedita, poems in itself are not an easy one to understand and when it comes to mine - a difficult one indeed. Please read it once again. Check out Bermuda(triangle) and Utopia (dream land) and now in the mirage world u should be able to understand it in a single go. By the way hey I had posted 3 in a week, just tell me is this the way to blog about. U were the one who guided me into blogging though many of them wanted to pen. So will keep disturbing u.

  3. No problem mate! i would be glad to help you out. Post twice a week, that would do fine, or once a week, because the more you blog, the more writers' blocks you will stumble upon. Anything that interests you, write:) Write methodically, once in a few days. Great going so far. Visit few websites like www.blogadda.com and www.indiblogger.in and register your website there. You might be reaching a much wider audience:))) Keep disturbing, no problem:)))Btw, i like the new layout:)